Seyi SN1-110

BC Frame Crank Press (SN Series)




This is generally applicable for blanking, punching, bending and forming process on small single work of thin steel plate and progressive die parts, which can connect with single press, progressive die, mechanical arm or added with transfer system.

  • High torque, low noise wet clutch and brake. Rigid frame with less deflection.
  • High accuracy transmission gears and high rigidity crank ensure press long life and accuracy.
  • Forced Lubrication system with default monitor ensures the operation reliability.
  • User-friendly design and all-function electric control system provide high automation compatibility.


1100 kN
Stroke length
180 mm
Variable speed
35 ~ 65 spm
Die height
350 mm
Slide area
650 x 520 mm
Bolster area
1150 x 680 mm

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