Seyi SM1-500

Heavy Stamping Link Press (SM1 Series)




This is generally applicable for blanking, punching, bending and forming process on small size parts produced from progressive die pressing, or single work steel plates of more than 6mm in thickness for heavy duty, which can connect with progressive die and also single punch.

  • Produce well for over 6mm thick plate stamping.Link motion with a reduced touch speed and caused less vibration, noise and extended tooling life.
  • Provide stable quality by eliminating spring back problem in bending process.
  • Increased productivity by up to 40% compared to conventional presses.
  • An 8-point square slide guide that with limited gib clearance.


5000 kN
Stroke length
300 mm
Stroke per minute
20 ~ 40 spm
Die height
650 mm
Slide area
1200 x 1100 mm
Bolster area
1200 x 1200 mm

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