• AH series: 2-axes Automatic and Y axis manual hand feed surface grinder. This series is affordable and easy to learn on and operate.
  • AHD series: 3 – Axes Automatic Surface Grinding Machine. Flange mount spindle provides not only high precision, strong regidity but maintenance free.
  • All major structures are casted with high quality grade iron which supply high stability , strong rigidity and high damping capacity.
  • Column machine is designed in double – layer type for higher rigidity, torsion resistance and high cutting efficiency.
  • Slide ways of X and Z axes are Turcite B coated with hand crapped to provide smooth and accurate movement and consistency.
  • Advanced hydraulic system with independent oil tank to prevent heat dissipation and vibration transmitted to the machine.
  • Easy-to-use control panel, located conveniently for user to operate quickly and easily.


Table working area
600 x 300 mm
Longitudinal table travel
710 mm
Cross feed table travel
340 mm
Table load incl. magnetic chuck
420 kgs
Wheel dimension
355 x 38 x 127
Machine weight
1830 mm
Floor space
2600 x 2500 mm

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Download catalog for Kent KGS-63AHD