CNC Tool Grinder


Product Description

In 1974, ANCA co-founders Pat Boland and Pat McCluskey bought a mini-computer to turn their passion into a business venture. Considered mini or small for the time, it was in fact as tall as them at a cost of $4,000 – which in ‘74 could buy an inner city apartment. Their basic idea was to replace the hardwired controls of the time with a standard computer. Adding the computer to NC thus CNC resulted in a much more powerful and flexible technology than the hardwired logic designs that were current at the time.

Founded in 1974, is a market leader of high quality CNC tool and cutting tool grinders designed for jobs ranging entry level production to large scale manufacturing. ANCA tool grinders can produce a wide variety of complex tools due in part to the flexibility of its tool design software and machines, including grinding end mills, profile cutters, burrs and punches. You can also count on ANCA’s CNC tool cutter grinders as the best choice for the production and resharpening of all your HSS and carbide cutting tools.