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CNC machining centers describe a wide range of machine tools including CNC milling and drilling machines, which include vertical machining centers (VMC), horizontal machining centers (HMC) as well as 4th and 5th axis machines.

CNC machining equipment allows companies to manufacture complex parts with a user-friendly, single-setup machining process. This structure offers significant productivity advantages — cutting labor costs, increasing part quality, and reducing work time.

Operated with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems and provided with precise design instructions, CNC Lathes are machine tools where the material or part is clamped and rotated by the main spindle, while the cutting tool that work on the material, is mounted and moved in various axis.

CNC Lathes are normally used for machining parts, where the material / part is clamped and rotated whereas the cutting tool is stationery mounted for OD (Outer Diameter) and ID (Inner Diameter) operations, e.g. shafts and pipes. They are ideal for parts that have same symmetry around an axis that could be chucked up (i.e. radially clamped) in the spindle.

A manual lathe is a type of machine tool which rotates the workpiece about an axis against the edge of a cutting tool. The workpiece created has symmetry about the axis of rotation. The cutting tools can be moved about the workpiece in two different axes known as X and Z. In the X axis, cutting tools are moved front to back. In the Z axis they are moved left and right. The workpiece is usually held in place about the axis of rotation using a chuck or collet. It can also be held in place by either one or two centers, one of which can typically be moved horizontally to accommodate varying workpiece lengths.

In 1974, ANCA co-founders Pat Boland and Pat McCluskey bought a mini-computer to turn their passion into a business venture. Considered mini or small for the time, it was in fact as tall as them at a cost of $4,000 – which in ‘74 could buy an inner city apartment. Their basic idea was to replace the hardwired controls of the time with a standard computer. Adding the computer to NC thus CNC resulted in a much more powerful and flexible technology than the hardwired logic designs that were current at the time.

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a device that measures the geometry of physical objects by sensing discrete points on the surface of the object with a probe. Various types of probes are used in CMMs, including mechanical, optical, laser, and white light. Depending on the machine, the probe position may be manually controlled by an operator or it may be computer controlled.

A manual milling machine is a material cutting device that is not controlled by automation or a computer. Milling machines are used to break down material into smaller pieces. They contain a spindle, which may operate in a horizontal or vertical fashion.

CNC grinding machines are machine tools which use a rotating grinding wheel to achieve material removal on a metallic workpiece by means of cutting. Grinding machines are mostly used for the hard-fine machining of workpieces (parts). The surface quality which can be achieved is very high, and grinding machines thus almost always find application in modern industry as a finishing process.

Gun drilling machine is a machine tool for deep hole process, its structure has big difference with traditional drilling machines, which has ubique design.

Injection moulding can be performed with a variety of different materials including metals, glass, elastomers, confections and, most commonly, thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. Materials can be combined to deliver different properties and effects for the finished parts.

Wire EDM machine uses a metallic wire (electrode) to cut a programmed contour in a workpiece. Extrusion dies and blanking punches are very often machined by wire cutting. In the machining area, each discharge creates a crater in the workpiece (material removal) and an impact on the tool (wear of the tool/electrode)

An intelligent robot is an intelligent machine with the ability to take actions and make choices. Choices to be made by an intelligent robot are connected to the intelligence built into it through machine learning or deep learning as well as inputs received by the robot from its input sensors while in operation.

A stamping press is a large machine that is used to shape or cut metal. It does this by deforming it with a tool called a die. A die is a very specialized tool; it is a metal block with the right shapes cut into it. By pressing down on the metal, the die can cut and contour the metal and create that unique shape. The die must be created specifically for the part that is being created.